About Our Factory

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of PCCS Group

BSSL is a renowned embroidery and silk screen printing manufacturer. We are proud to be located in the heart of Cambodia, Phnom Penh city. From the widely known Pearl of Asia, our services have gone global servicing many big names such as Adidas and PUMA. Having been in business for 2 decades, we have established strong relationships with our suppliers and customers. As always stated in our tagline, we aim to achieve total satisfaction for our clients within 72 hours.

Why Choose Us

Hight Quality

Our commitment to high quality is connected with our choice of recyclable and environmentally friendly chemicals and materials for our products.

Delivery On Time

Delivery made ready within 72 hours has been our guiding principle since the beginning of our operation.

Order Tracking System

We embrace state-of-the-art technology and digitalisation to perform our duties with the highest efficiency and in the most productive manner.

Our Technology

New laser cut and bonding technology

Modern laboratory for quality assurance

State of the art silk screen printing machine
and embroidery machine

Advanced ERP and order tracking system-data

Our Service


A cost-effective silk screen printing service…


Our latest bonding services use adhesive…


Our signature embroidery service is the earliest…


Our sublimation technology uses heat to transfer…

Brands We Work With

Our client list speaks for itself. We work to support both local and international brands that care about their prestige brand image and product quality.