Our signature embroidery service is the earliest craft of decorating fabric using needle to apply thread on your garments to get your designs and logos professionally and permanently embroidered. At BSSL, we make sure the embroidery is everlasting.

Embroidery Facility

As of now, we have 40 units of embroidery machines and our monthly capacity is up to one million pieces. Our facility is of high quality and meet environmental standard.

Embroidery Machines

All of our embroidery machines are of high standard and able to meet our customers’ requirements and deliver total satisfaction. As the namesake of our service, we always make sure that our embroidery service exceeds industry expectations.

Needle Detector Machine

Built to detect sharp, ferrous foreign objects inside garments such as needles, hooks or ferrous fragments, our needle detecting machine ensures our product safety.

Computerised Manufacturing Process

We believe in continuous investment in advanced technology and automated equipment to enhance the quality and speed of our production. We are committed to produce high standard designs and images for our customers using computerized manufacturing process and computerized numerical control (CNC) to direct the movement of our embroidery machines. We are always striving for perfection and precision.

Embroidery Product Range