Heat transfer labels are printed images that are fixed and copied directly onto garments. The image designs are usually selected into the sublayers of the surface, ensuring that they last throughout the lifetime of the package.

The heat transfer technology is mainly used to make customized labels for t-shirts and fix ‘tag-less labels.

Heat transfer labelsare also preferred for sport-related garments; they are lightweight, which translates to better performance in sports. More so, these labels are ideal for automotive products and apparel that come in direct contact with the skin, such as swimwear and underwear.

Silk Screen Semi Auto Facility

  • As of now, we have 6 units of semi auto silk screen machines and our monthly capacity is up to 1.5 million pieces. Our facility is of high quality and meet environmental standard.
  • 3 State of art technology laser cut machine to produce multi color high density label with monthly capacity 1 million pcs.

Heat Press Machine

A heat press machine transfers heat to a surface and apply designs to fabric or silicon paper. Our automatic heat press machines enable precise control of heat and timing to deliver high quality imprint. We have perfect machines for your business, and our staffs are carefully trained to operate and maintain them.

Digital Heat Transfer Machine

Currently we also provide Digital Heat Transfer label service. We have state of art digital Heat Transfer machine with monthly capacity 40000 meter.

Production lead time shorten due to pre press preparing eliminate.


Heat Transfer Product Range