We provide cost-effective silk screen printing services with state-of-the-art technology that present vibrant images on your garments. We are committed to meet all of your printing needs.

Our Printing Products

For decades, our clients have trusted BSSL for quality work and exceptional personal attention at competitive prices on all types of silk screen printing services.

Our Printing Facility

We install the latest and brand-new machinery for greatest productivity, and invest in modern lab facilities to make sure our printing standard is of the highest quality. Digitalization has improved our operations and enable us to serve our customers seamlessly.

Chemical Store

We always keep our chemical inventory safely in the chemical store. All staff have been given induction training on chemical substances management procedures and are strictly adhere to the company chemical inventory management policy. In substance, only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the chemical store and handle chemical substances.

Ink Mixing

Ink mixing is a dedicated process and require skilled workers to operate. But at BSSL, it is our daily task. To further enhance our printing quality and consistency, we have implemented machine-added ink mixing procedures. Adding automatic ink mixing machine to our facility is an innovative idea. We are always ready to mix the right colour.

Automatic Printing Machine

There are many advantages for us to embrace new technology and invest in state-of-the-art machinery. It produces consistency and efficiency while requires fewer skills to operate. It also prints faster and saves us a lot of stress and labour.

Quality Control

Our quality control team checks the incoming raw materials, the production process and the finishing of our products thoroughly and meticulously to ensure adherence to the specification set by our clients and the standard of the company. Our skilled workforce is properly trained and has been provided with the right experience to detect defect and improve processes diligently.

Laboratory Room

Our laboratory room showcases our commitment to quality and industry best practices. The lab houses the washing and crocking tests on par with third party infrastructure to make sure our printing services are always up to the standard.

At BSSL, we regularly invest in workforce training, waste management system and equipments as well as research and development to provide the best services to our customers.

Order Tracking System

We use ERP system to track order and production processes. Our comprehensive ERP system is specifically designed for our unique operation. It offers a wide variety of customized features and facilitates order management to fulfil our “delivery in 72 hours” commitment.

In House Pre Press House

  • BSS had completed pre press equipment to ensure the customer information and file keep highly confidential and security.

Automation for coating mesh

  • Standardized & consistency printing quality