Chemical Handling

Chemical Handling

October 15, 2021

BSSL, in alignment with ZDHC, commits to lead the industry implementing the Chemical Management System to protect its employees, consumers and environment. BSSL, in adopting ZDHC, is addressing hazardous chemicals holistically through processes: Input Control, Process Control and Output Control.

To achieve these, the management undertake to:

  • Comply with all applicable local law and regulation
  • Minimize chemical risk to employees
  • Provide Chemical Management System Training to employees
  • Adopt ZDHC MRSL
  • Adopt ZDHC Wastewater Guideline
  • Comply with buyers RSL Standard or AFIRM RSL
  • Publish ZDHC Wastewater Test Report on ZDHC Gateway
  • Upload Chemical Inventory List to CleanChain or BVE3 to get InCheck Report
  • Conduct Higg Index Self-Assessment (FEM) and Third Party Verification
  • Ensure chemical traceability

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